Comedy Tin Foil: Obama Signs Spending Bill as He Criticizes Earmarks

That last part is the actual NY Times headline, followed by

President Obama on Wednesday signed an “imperfect” spending bill packed with special projects in order to keep government running, but he vowed that it will be the last one and proposed ways to curb lawmakers from abusing the process in the future.

Mr. Obama, trying to regain the high ground after withering criticism that he was betraying campaign promises by signing the $410 billion package, said that from now on he would seek to eliminate projects with “no legitimate public purpose.” He proposed that all projects be open to scrutiny at public hearings and those aimed at for-profit firms be subject to competitive bidding.

I wonder if the writers at the NY Times are ever embarrassed to be such whores for Obama. Are they able to write this kind of drivel with a straight face? Do they feel dirty and need to wash their hands and Lysol their keyboards? And how about Obama? Does he ever feel shame-faced at his bold-faced lies?

I wonder what the expiration date of this “promise” will be? I’m betting the within the next few bills.

BTW, I am expecting an email from David Plouffe, campaign manager for Obama, to tell us how great this Bill was in short order.

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