Obama And Geithner Want World To Get Involved

Here’s your humor for the day,

President Obama today called on other countries to join his efforts to revive the flagging global economy by working together to aggressively stimulate spending, production and tougher regulations.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Obama noted that the world economy is linked and that allies should act in concert.

Um, wait a moment: the other day the UK Telegraph (also covered by myself and today by Warner Todd Huston at stop the ACLU) reported that no one was picking the phone up at the Treasury Dept as the British tried to contact the Obama admin in order to prepare for the G20 Summit. Well, maybe Geithner is as tired and overwhelmed as O’Barry.

Gotta admit, Obama has some serious hutzpah to pull this one.

More: Ed Morrissy points at that Obama, who has said that the economy is his #1 priority, has nominated one person to fill the 18 positions he is responsible for appointing over at Treasury.

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2 Responses to “Obama And Geithner Want World To Get Involved”

  1. Trish says:

    The enlightened Obama administration appears to be in a head long assault on our relations with the UK!
    Great, they’ve been our closest allies for how long? And when we need them to be allies in the future against the likes of Iran and North Korea, old Gordon won’t gonna be able to find, Honey, where’d I put that USA hotline phone???

  2. I think BO prefers Iran over the UK.

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