Hey, Look, A Deadbeat Obama Artist

Without preamble

ST. PETERSBURG — Jennifer Stone-Anderson says her 2004 Saturn Ion became a work of art this fall when she covered it with elaborate paintings supporting Barack Obama.

But Chrysler, which financed the purchase, maintains that it’s just a car. And that Stone-Anderson has been missing payments. And that her work of “art” is about to be repossessed.

Stone-Anderson’s unemployment was the root of the art, but her lack of work may also bring the loss of it. In May she gained free time when she was laid off from Rainbow Art and Design in Tampa, so she started painting her car with leftover acrylics.

Photo goodness below the jump

I wonder if The One will pay off her car loan?

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7 Responses to “Hey, Look, A Deadbeat Obama Artist”

  1. Jeff H says:

    I get the sense that those “leftover acrylics” were not part of her severance package…

  2. A little bit of “creative appropriation,” eh?

    How’s things in your world, Jeff?

  3. Geo Right says:

    If America had elected Chang we might now be better off.

  4. ROTFLOL! I hadn’t caught the way the bumber looks.

  5. Hog Whitman says:

    “she was laid off from Rainbow Art and Design”

    If her car reflects her graphic skills, she was probably fired for being incompetent. That seems obvious enough. Of course, you’ll never hear about that. She probably blames Bush for her suckage anyway.

  6. Stacy Slay says:

    Yet another example of the idiocy that got this moron elected.

    HEY LADY – you don’t own that car – someone else does. Just like a mortgage, but hey, if the messiah tells you “such and so many people are being thrown out of their homes” you liberals actually think they are being thrown off their own property.

    REALITY – They don’t own those homes, someone else does, and if they damage those homes before repo – they can be held liable for the damages – JUST LIKE YOU WILL AFTER THEY REPO THAT CRATE YOUR DRIVING !

  7. Enkidu says:

    LOL Vote for Chang

    That’s hop I can believ!

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