Nanny State Health Today: You Cost Too Much To Live

A preview of one of the things that will happen as Obama and the Democrats turn the USA into a socialized/nationalized health care nation. From ye olde Great Britain

Last Thursday the Office for National Statistics confirmed that more than 20 patients a day now die from the superbug infections, MRSA and C difficile.

NHS practice has been poor. MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcal aureus) is a bacterium that many people carry, safely, in their noses. Yet when people are weakened by sickness, MRSA can invade the bloodstream and kill. In Scandinavia, Holland and Harley Street (three places where MRSA is rare) carriers are screened and treated before being admitted to the wards, but the NHS has been slow in following suit. (snip)

Yet the NHS, as a state monopoly, will find new ways to fail. And we will have ourselves to blame. The insurance-based systems of continental Europe – whose hospitals have bed occupancy rates of only 75 per cent and whose hospitals, being separately owned, compete for patients – are better than our own. But the British resist reforms that cost them money.

Once Obama signs the porkulus package in Denver (will there be Roman columns available for the photo-op, something, if I remember correctly, the Left assailed Bush for doing – the photo-ops, not the Roman thing) we will have the federal government tracking all our health care and the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology will be able to determine if you are worth the cost of any treatment (wouldn’t this all violate the 4th and 9th Amendments, not to mention being a gross violation of privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality?). Cost-effectiveness will be considered. And, ya know, the cost of 20 deaths a day might be less then the cost of treating the problem once the feds are involved.

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2 Responses to “Nanny State Health Today: You Cost Too Much To Live”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Interesting that your post points out that in 2 countries with national health care superbug infections are rare. In fact MOST European countries have lower death rates from superbug infection than the US.

  2. I’d like to see your proof on that last part, John. But, do you really want the government in charge of your health care? I damn sure don’t.

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