DU Thread Of The Day: Daughter Joined Army

Don’t accuse liberals of being anti-military, though

greenbriar I just found out my Daughter joined the army grrrrrrr I need hugs

She is graduating High School 1 year early

she has a 3.8 GPA

she won a huge scholarship in a school of Engineering

and I just found out she joined the Army and her dad my hubby gave his blessing


And, of course, what follows on is primarily military hatred and derision, and support for this poor woman whose daughter is going to ruin her life, with some intermixed military support, and those supporters are accused of being military recruiters.

There are oh so many hatred comments, not going to do a mass-excerpt, y’all know how to read đŸ˜€ , but, here are a few choice comments

  • Why did she do such a thing? Was it the recruiters at her school? They are at the school where I teach about once a week now. It breaks my heart to see the kids gather ’round them to get the goodies they give out, knowing full well they are only considering joining because the don’t feel they have any other viable options. Poor kids with limited work or college opportunities.
  • Have you shown her the statistics on rape/suicide in the military?
  • I have to agree. There’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do to keep my children from that. Specially a female, she’s likely to be raped as it is. The statistics for women in military service are eye-goungingly horrific.
  • It does though, if you factor in sexual assualt by fellow service members
  • Does she ever want to have children? Show her pictures of babies whose parents were exposed to depleted uranium.
  • Does she know about the rapes and murders of women in the armed forces?

Can’t ya feel the love? Oh, and greenbriar had a hissy fit over people who support the military and saying it is a good choice and they were glad they joined actually commenting.

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6 Responses to “DU Thread Of The Day: Daughter Joined Army”

  1. Duncan says:

    People like that are just comic relief after a hard days work. But then I realize that they vote, which is not a good thing since they’ll vote for the candidate who’d sell us down the river…

  2. proof says:

    So, she’s graduating High School 1 year early with a 3.8 GPA…sounds exceptionally bright! So if a very intelligent young woman makes the choice to join the military, it was probably a well thought out decision! The libs should be ecstatic over her “choice”!

  3. John Ryan says:

    Teach how much time do you spend every day on lib blogs ?

  4. bonafide says:

    Wow, I went and read the moonbattery over at DU. These people are too stupid for words. Any words.

    I’d just like to congratulate this young woman. If she is that smart despite her mom, more power to her. With that kind of brain in our armed services, we can be sure we will survive.

    I’d also like to thank her, and hope she gets as much out of her career choice as she wants and can get.

    I have an acquaintance, friend of my wife’s who is a Lt Colonel in the Air Force, who has two Masters degrees in Meteorology, and his PHD and commanded a unit in Nebraska and who is one of the nicest clean cut and wholesome guys on the planet. His two girls and son have not chosen to follow in his footsteps, but that’s just fine by him. If they had, he would have supported them 110 percent. So should this girls Mother.
    That she can’t is a symptom of her stupidity, not her daughters.

  5. StB says:

    Amazing to me how selfish this woman is. Apparently she did not do a good job raising her child if she cannot understand why she chose the military. The daughter is much wiser than the mother and realized this years ago by seeking out a better role model than she.

  6. Yup, I mostly take them as funny wacko’s, Duncan. The good part is, they are usually so worked up they forget to vote.

    On the bright side, Proof, there are more pro-military then usual on that thread. Though, I have seen folks like that, including a just returned from Iraq Sgt., tombstoned. Permanently banned.

    Maybe 1/3 of the time I spend on Conservative sites, sometimes reading, sometimes looking for stuff like this. Do you agree with the sentiments of the DU folks, John?

    Exactly, binafide and StB. Military is a great career, but, hey, a good chunk of the left thinks they are baby killers and rapers.

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