Michael Steele New RNC Chairman, Complete With Moonbattery

Unsurprisingly, CNN only found this to be a minor sidebar story, part of their Political Ticker, encompassing a whopping 6 paragraphs

Members of the Republican National Committee elected their first-ever African-American party chief on Friday, choosing former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele to chair the organization after six rounds of tumultuous balloting.

I roused myself up from a Tylenol Cold induced stupor when I saw the Breaking News alert text message, wondering if I would find comments similar to the movie I was (barely) watching, 28 Weeks Later. And, yup, rage and hatred. Plus racism

  • I hate that guy…
  • mee too.. he is a sheep..
  • i only see two black people there.. great example!!.
  • So their token African-American will be the leader?
  • Yep Rush all Fucklicans.
  • Is he the magic negro the republicans keep singing about?
  • First thing he needs to do? Take off the orange and black striped tie!
  • Talk about a token….
  • Is he the cross eyed guy who always shows up on MSNBC?
  • Here’s another pic of Token Steele …
  • Is he a magic Negro?


  • And will Steele get the same kinds of death threats and overt racism thrown at him that Obama does? (yes, look in another DU thread, bub)
  • LOL Steele is the biggest Republican asshole on the planet. I mean a supreme jerk.  (racist)
  • The dumb leading the really really dumb (racist)
  • Too bad Strom Thurmond isn’t alive to see this A black President and RNC chair. LOL (remind me, which Party has a former KKK member in it?)


  • Black Republicans…should be an oxymoron. Steele is another half-baked house negro. I’ve got no use for him. He wants to lead the party that wouldn’t have given him the right to vote. What an ass.
  • anything like George “The Animal” Steele? (a picture of a really hairy man. Racist)
  • Michael the Magic Republican Negro
  • Repukes hate black people and people of color or anyone with a clear thinking mind. (Isn’t calling them “black people and people of color” considered racist nowadays?)

Plenty more of the same at Daily Kosbat. I thought peace, love, and unicorns were supposed to reign now that Obama is president?

OK, back to stupor time. Would it be racist if I called it the rhino virus?

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7 Responses to “Michael Steele New RNC Chairman, Complete With Moonbattery”

  1. Reasic says:

    I just love how you go trolling DU and DKos, and post the worst examples from idiots here. (Gasp!) Democrats are EVIL!!! It’s kind of like how Hannity has a flunky round up idiots on the street, has them say they like Hillary, asks them simple questions about our government, and then makes fun of them. (Gasp!) Liberals are STOOPID!!!

    Clearly logic has not been utilized in this exercise. (I bet you have a blast doing it, though, huh?)

    I’m sure you also regularly troll conservative blogs and sites, looking for the worst comments from visitors.

  2. Duncan says:

    I am sure all of those are simply Freeper plants/sockpuppets on those enlightened websites.

    I think the point being made is that there are plenty of racist retards on both sides of the aisle. The big difference is that one side claims to be all inclusive and uber-tolerant of anything/everything/everyone, unless it/they have a -R next to their name.

    And Congrats to Steele being the 1st African-American from the party of Lincoln. The party that was against slavery and all of that.

    But onto another point. I hated 28 Weeks Later. 28 Days Later wasn’t too bad. But 28 Weeks Later. Simply horrid. The plot line itself was complete crap. Why would the U.S. military leave the single survivor of the “rage” plague alone and unmonitored? Why would the U.S. military give ANY foreign personnel access to all sensitive and classified areas? The answer to both questions are “THEY WOULDN’T”. Without this little angle the plot line of 28 Weeks Later wouldn’t occur. And why would the U.S. military not create a compartmentalized safe zone in case there was a breakout in order to prevent the spread? The movie just sucked because it took that suspension of disbelief over and over again that I felt like I might be watching an Al Gore documentary…

  3. SB Smith says:

    I’m not wasting my time at any libtard sites, but just how incredibly STUPID and Narrowminded can they be ?

    The mind of a liberal is like the pupil of the eye: the more light you shed on it, the smaller it gets.

  4. John Ryan says:

    Teach hates ALL who chose to vote for Obama.

  5. John Ryan says:

    Teach Byrd has often publicly apologized for joining the KKK in 1942. Now please tell me to which party current members of the KKK cast their votes ? Blacks in his own state have accepted that Byrd has changed, why can not you ?

  6. It’s actually pretty easy to do, Reasic. Funny how those on the Left have such are hard time doing the same with places like the Free Republic, eh?

    You miss the point, John.

  7. Greg says:

    What, now we go and find our own “magic Negro”?

    This is a very, very sad day for America. The election of Steele proves that the Republican party will not go in the direction they need to for the sake of our country. They can expect to be in the minority for quite some time to come.

    Are you a true conservative or just a kool aid drinker? If you are a true conservative then you would listen to what this other true conservative has to say about him.


    Steve Deace is so right about him.

    He’s a RINO. On that we can be clear. This proves that the Republican Party’s move to the Left might be a permanent legacy of the Bush years.

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