AGW Today: Your Christmas Feast Is Now Bad

Is there nothing that the Climahysterics won’t attack?

Festive feasts ‘contributing to climate change’

Wasted food at Christmas time is now being highlighted as an environmental problem.

Jon Dee, the chairman of Do Something, says gases from leftover food rotting in landfill are 20 times more potent than the carbon pollution from car exhausts.

Well, he does sorta have a point. Despite the article not making any mention of the gas methane (which is typically never named in most climahysteric reports, as it is not a sexy gas, but a humor inducing gas, at least for guys), it is very potent, much more then CO2, though it has a atmospheric lifespan of about 10-12 years. But, come on, sheesh, let us have a freaking meal, dude!

$20 say the majority of the Disciples of Gore waste tons of food individually. Because they do not feel the need to do anything themselves. Government should fix the issue, in their world.

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4 Responses to “AGW Today: Your Christmas Feast Is Now Bad”

  1. Ogre says:

    So I have a question for adherents to the global warming religion —

    Which is worse, emitting methane gas into the atmosphere, or the byproducts of burning methane gas?

    After I eat all those hard-boiled eggs, I need to know if lighting my farts can be considered being “green.”

  2. […] William Teach discovered they’re also going after the Christmas feast. BAH HUMBUG! […]

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ok- after Ogre’s comment I completely forgot what I was going to say;0

  4. It’s all bad, Ogre. If it is someone else doing it. Climahysterics don’t worry about they themselves doing it 🙂

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