A Smile Works As Well As The Bailout Package

Interesting advice

THE threat of recession could disappear if we all put a smile on our face, the Government’s top money man said today.

After two months of persistent bad economic news, Treasury secretary Ken Henry said the worst could be avoided if Australians simply cheered up.

“Fundamentally what is driving weaker economic outcomes globally at the moment is fractured confidence,” Dr Henry said.

“We can talk ourselves into worse outcomes; of course we can. People do; it wouldn’t be the first time. But we don’t have to,” he said during a speech at the National Press Club.

On one hand, he is correct. It is a loss in confidence. And, consider that the Democrats, who have railed about a “bad economy” since Bush took office, saw their whining become reality. Being positive will certainly help.

On the other hand…well, there is no other hand. It may sound silly coming from the Aussie’s top money man, but, if leaders push doom and gloom, you get doom and gloom. If they push positives, yeah, may not always work, but, it sure doesn’t hurt.

Anyhow, can a nice smile be worse then the Crap Sandwich 2.0 that Congress has fed us? It sure doesn’t have the capability for abuse that all that money has, eh? Dr. Henry also stated that Australia’s tax system was too complicated, and should be simplified.

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