DUmmies: Queen Nancy And Dingy Harry Gotta Go!

Can’t ya feel the love?

Harvey Korman – Rec. this if you think it’s time for PELOSI and REID to be replaced.

Pelosi “warning” Obama to govern from the middle (read: capitulate to the right whenever possible)?

Reid “pondering” taking away Traitorman’s committee chairmanship?

These two are completely feckless at best and at worst they actually try to stifle progress. If President Obama is to get as much done as he can, it’s time for a change of leadership in Congress. These two have had their shot and gotten nothing done, and now they’re already preparing to help Obama get nothing done.


A short lived marriage, eh? Lots and lots of kicks on this one. Most want the two gone. Here we go!

  • Nancy Pelosi herself should be investigated…
  • worse. her self-dealing on the AIG bailout was horrible. she had personally invested $250-300,000 in AIG stock, which would have tanked absent the bailout of that Wall street insurer. (gee, I wonder why that never made the cBS Evening News)
  • By June, many here will be comparing Obama to Pelosi and Reid……bemoaning his centrist governing style and claiming bait-and-switch, or capitulation, or complicity.

    He campaigned as a centrist. He’s known as a pragmatist. Yet some here will claim to be shocked SHOCKED that he betrayed his liberal base. (ya think?)

  • Sure they will act surprised .. because nobody here has been critical of Obama up till now. (ya think?)
  • All Reid and Pelosi have done is rubber stamp the Bush agenda.
  • Pelosi should be charged criminally for complicity in Bush’s crimes That’s why she blocked impeachment, because she knew any investigation would show her culpability.
  • Harry Reid is one of the biggest failures in history as minority and majority leader
  • Pelosi is a collaborator; Reid is just feckless

Sheesh. 2 days and they are already eating each other.

PS: yeah, this is tamer then most DU posts I pull, in terms of language. It’s more about the content. If you want, just imagine the curse words 🙂

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