NY Times: Sarah Palin *GULP* Believes In God!

Perhaps I am just reading way too much into this story, but, hey, it is the NY Times, after all: In Palin’s Life and Politics, Goal to Follow God’s Will

Shortly after taking office as governor in 2006, Sarah Palin sent an e-mail message to Paul E. Riley, her former pastor in the Assembly of God Church, which her family began attending when she was a youth. She needed spiritual advice in how to do her new job, said Mr. Riley, who is 78 and retired from the church.

“She asked for a biblical example of people who were great leaders and what was the secret of their leadership,” Mr. Riley said.

That’s it! She must be one of those fundies the Left keeps going on about! How dare she seek guidance from a religious leader, rather then the United Nations, The Goracle, focus groups, the wind, and abortion rights groups! Or The One!

He wrote back that she should read again from the Old Testament the story of Esther, a beauty queen who became a real one, gaining the king’s ear to avert the slaughter of the Jews and vanquish their enemies. When Esther is called to serve, God grants her a strength she never knew she had.

Mr. Riley said he thought Ms. Palin had lived out the advice as governor, and would now do so again as the Republican Party’s vice-presidential nominee.

Uh oh, looks like Palin wants to establish a theocracy. How could McCain have picked someone who is bound to be the Grand Inquisitor?

What’s the Vegas line running on when the Left picks up on that meme?

“God has given her the opportunity to serve,” he said. “And God has given her the strength to carry out her goals.”


“The churches that Sarah has attended all believe in a literal translation of the Bible,” Ms. (Janet) Kincaid said. “Her principal ethical and moral beliefs stem from this.”

As opposed to Obama, a Christian (some even claim born again), and Joe Biden, a self professed Catholic. Both believe heavily in abortion on demand. I can’t find any Christian or Catholic leader of repute who supports abortion on demand, not does the Bible support abortion.

Faith and a loathing of abortion on demand doesn’t seem to be above Sarah’s pay grade.

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