Excitable Andy Still Losing His F’ing Mind

Ace earlier wrote about the 3 stages of Excitable Andy, and that he is currently in mostly “3) dark, dark blues of deep depression, when his posts become brief, shrill, disbelieving, and sounding notes of despairing futility.” Since the Palin pick, and especially the speech, Milky Loads has been posting almost non stop, throwing hissy fits left and right. Now we get (picture via Ace, saves me from having to take a screen shot)

How’s that reputation in the crapper feeling, Atlantic? Douthat? McCardle? Amdinder? Coates? Fallows?  Goldberg? Crook?

BTW, Andrew has consistently whined about waterboarding ever since it was exposed (that wopping 3 times it was done to stone cold terrorists over 5 years ago). How does he feel about children being tasered, since he is so interested in smears against Palin.

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