Wait. We Have How Much Oil?

Refuting the liberal’s meme that American just doesn’t have that much oil, so we should all sit in the dark quite a bit of the time when it is cloudy and/or the wind is not blowing. And that we should all become corn farmers

(CNS News) Let’s start with some sense of the oil resources America could develop if Congress would allow it.

In 2006, the Interior Department estimated that about 85.9 billion barrels of “undiscovered technically recoverable” oil sits offshore on the Outer Continental Shelf within U.S. territory.

In 2007, the Energy Department’s “Task Force on Strategic Unconventional Fuels” reported that: “America’s oil shale resource exceeds 2 trillion barrels, including about 1.5 trillion barrels of oil equivalent in high quality shale concentrated in the Green River Formation in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. … Depending on technology and economics, as much as 800 billion barrels of oil equivalent could be recoverable from oil shale resources yielding (more than) 25 gallons per ton.”

This combined 885.9 billion barrels of recoverable oil that the government estimates lies undeveloped within U.S. territory is almost three and a half times as much as the 260 billion barrels in proven oil reserves that lie under Saudi territory.

America is an oil-rich country.

Meanwhile, from John Boehner

Speaker Pelosi’s latest scheme to block the will of the House and that of American families, seniors, and small businesses who favor an “all of the above” energy plan to lower gas prices has become clear over the last few days.  Much as she has shut down debate to ensure House Republicans could not offer pro-American energy proposals and derailed the annual appropriations process to block environmentally-safe drilling far off our shores, the Speaker is now drafting a new “energy plan” in secret, while loading it with enough poison pills to ensure its defeat.  Why?  Because she doesn’t want to give Congress a simple up-or-down vote on the American Energy Act (H.R. 6566), House Republicans’ comprehensive bill to lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promoting more conservation and efficiency, and encouraging the use of more alternative and renewable fuels. 

John’s messin’ wit da Queen!

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