Joe Horn: How Not To Apply For A New Job

Let’s jump in to the realm of professional football, for a hint on how NOT to try and get another job

Joe Horn, released by the Atlanta Falcons on Tuesday after the team couldn’t trade the veteran receiver, said he is relieved he can pursue a job with another team.

Horn said he wished he could have produced better numbers for team owner Arthur Blank.

“It’s a sense of sadness because after every game last year and after the first two preseason games I had to look at Mr. Blank and know that he deserves a winning team and he deserves a championship,” Horn told the Associated Press. “I was here and couldn’t make it happen. It’s kind of sad for me leaving.”

Horn sat out voluntary workouts, did not play in the team’s first two preseason games because of a hamstring injury and asked to be traded.

“Hi, I’m applying for a job. I sucked last year, and I sucked in pre-season. I don’t play well with others, I blow off parts of my job, and I dissed my last company. Will you hire me?”

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2 Responses to “Joe Horn: How Not To Apply For A New Job”

  1. Currently I work closely with prospective new hires who not unlike Horn get to try out for client businesses. It is amazing the number of people who feel entitled. They are quick to express what they won’t do, like or expect from the employer.

    Similar to when I was interviewing a prospective tenant and was told by this person the reason they withheld rent from their previous landlord.

    In either case how well do you think these candidates did in pursuit of what the world should do for them or how they handled themselves in the show us your stuff content?

  2. I’ve had a few specials come in looking for a job, and for interviews. I just want to tell them to go, but, unless it is something out there, I have to spend the time interviewing by law.

    One goody was a lady who came in for a professional sales job, wearing jeans, a ratty shirt, a ratty back pack, and her baby! Fortunately, she told me she could not work weekends prior to the interview starting, so I was able to tell her no off the bat.

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