AGW Today: Save The Pika!

Birds of prey need something to eat, and Pika’s are easy pickings. We have to save them! Do something, Dubya!

 Compared to the polar bear, the American pika is downright tiny.

Weighing only 4 ounces to 6 ounces, this small, rabbit-like mammal with thick brown hair that lives on boulder-covered slopes near alpine meadows in western US mountain ranges, could represent the latest effort to use the Endangered Species Act to combat global warming.

Environmentalists filed a lawsuit today in US district court in Sacramento, California, to force the Bush administration to decide whether to list the pika for protection under the act.

The lawsuit claims the animal is threatened by rising temperatures and says the US fish and wildlife service has dragged its feet for months on whether to list it.

Last time I checked, that is not what the Environmental Protection Act was about, especially when the Pika’s are really not being eliminated, and there are more then plenty of them. I can’t wait till the environmentalists try and get the Lemming is put under protection 8;)

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3 Responses to “AGW Today: Save The Pika!”

  1. bob says:

    I’m more interested in the findings of the world’s climate scientists.

    Here is an introduction to their findings about species and habitat.

    “During the course of this century the resilience of many ecosystems (their ability to adapt naturally) is likely to be exceeded by an unprecedented combination of change in climate and in other global change drivers (especially land use change and overexploitation), if greenhouse gas emissions and other changes continue at or above current rates. By 2100 ecosystems will be exposed to atmospheric CO2 levels substantially higher than in the past 650,000 years, and global temperatures at least among the highest as those experienced in the past 740,000 years. This will alter the structure, reduce biodiversity and perturb functioning of most ecosystems, and compromise the services they currently provide. ”

    If the pika are indeed not threatened by global warming, then that fact will be revealed after thorough data collection.

    But the agencies in charge of protecting species at the state and federal levels are not allowed to simply say, Global warming? That’s not our job.

  2. Scrapiron says:

    I’m more interested in today’s news that you may have to sell your first born to pay the heat bill this extremely cold winter. I have a plan, I’m moving into Algorabge’s mansion in Tn. He has so many rooms he will never know a few hundred of us are there.

  3. Bob, my point is that the climahysterics are saying it is all Man’s fault, rather then mostly natural, and they are using their feelings to screw with policy.

    I don’t disagree with climate change, it has been going on for billions of years, and we just went thru an uptick in the temps. They have been stagnent for 10 years now, though.

    I’m more interested in chilling on his huge yacht, Scrapiron. Can cruise around and hit some good surf spots! 🙂

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