Ancient Climate Change

What? It’s happened before?

The period of the Green Sahara, as some researchers call it, began when a fluctuation in the Earth’s orbit changed African weather patterns and brought more rain to the desert. The lakes that developed supported 6-foot-long pike fish, turtles, crocodiles and an array of other wildlife and human settlers.

But the dunes eventually returned, swallowing for ages any record of how Stone Age people managed to thrive at the site in northern Niger.

 “It’s really the story of humanity’s struggle to exist in an environment undergoing severe changes,” Sereno said.

How can that be possible? No SUVs. But, the Climahysterics will tell us that this time it must be different! And if you don’t believe it, then you must be a Skeptic and Denier and there is something wrong with that. Then they will get in to their SUVs or huge trucks or minvans, and run home to sit in the AC.

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