Bus, Meet Wesley Clark. Again

Not content to pitch General Wesley Clark in front of moving bus, Camp Barry made sure to rinse, lather, repeat

General Wesley Clark is not attending the Democratic National Convention. I was told by General Clark’s personal office in Little Rock that he would not be attending.

Clark was informed by Barack Obama’s people that there was no reason to come.

General Clark has been given no role of any kind at the convention.

15 minutes of Clark’s usefulness as a military guy for Obama has ended.

Sister Toldjah

..the bottom line here is that one of two things are happening: Either Clark is throwing out a smokescreen and really will have a role at the convention – the VP role – and is just trying to throw everyone off, or he really has been dumped. My money’s on the latter. He, like Cindy Sheehan was to the far left anti-war brigade, has done the dirty work Obama himself wants to appear to be ’above’ (we’ve seen this before, haven’t we?) and has probably outlived his usefulness.

Jammie Wearing Fool

Damn, the bus just finished backing over the ample carcass of racist Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and now Team Obama has told loose cannon and nutroots darling Wesley Clark to make himself scarce come convention time.

obama bus

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