NY Times Is Already Pushing The Disenfranchisement Meme

Without preamble, The Right To Vote

Much about the presidential election is up in the air, but one thing is certain: voters will have trouble casting ballots on Election Day. In a perfect world, states and localities would handle voting so well that the public could relax and worry about other things. But elections are so mismanaged — and so many eligible voters are disenfranchised — that ordinary citizens have to get involved.

Since the meltdown in Florida in 2000, a large, nonpartisan coalition called Election Protection — made up of civil rights groups, good-government organizations and major law firms — has been doing critical work in standing up for voters. It is an effort that anyone who cares about democracy should get behind.

In other words, those evil Republicans cheat, so, watch out in 2008 so that the Messiah does not have his destiny stolen from him.

You remember Florida, right? That was the election where 27 of the 28 election precincts that had issues were run by……that’s right! Democrats! The other was run by an Independent.

But, don’t fear, the “nonpartisan” Election Protection is on the case!

To that end, NCFFE leads Election Protection – the nation’s largest non-partisan voter protection coalition including the Lawyers’ Committee, the National Bar Association, the NAACP, and the People for the American Way Foundation.

Let’s see: Lawyer groups give way more money to D then R. NAACP? Very liberal group. People for the American Way Foundation? Way far left. Sounds nonpartisan to me! And they complain that John McCain doesn’t understand the capabilities of the Internet?

This year, Election Protection is already working with election officials trying to eliminate obstacles to voting. In November, it plans to have 10,000 lawyers, law students and other volunteers working around the country to help voters whose names are not on the rolls when they should be, to get polls to stay open late when there are long lines and generally to see that everyone gets to cast a ballot who is entitled to.

In other words, busy bodies who are there to make sure they report any minuscule issue that they can say “see? Those evil Republican bastards are trying to steal the election for the third straight time!” We won’t mention the attempted disenfranchisement of the overseas military vote in 2000 and 2004, folks who tend to vote R.

All because liberals could not accept the outcome of the 2000 election, driving them stark raving bonkers. Republicans understand that shenanigans are a part of politics, which is a dirty business. Liberals? Well, for liberals

prozac liberals 2000

Oh, by the way, citizens have no right to vote per the US Constitution. It tells us who can vote, and keeps States from eliminating people because of race, skin color, sex, etc. But, it makes no mention of any right to vote. Thanks for playing, NY TImes editorial board!

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