Good News! Hamdan Can Get Movie Night!


GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, CUBA (Reuters) – Guantanamo’s only convict was moved to a prison wing all by himself hours after U.S. military jurors found him guilty of driving Osama bin Laden, his lawyers said.

But if convicted Yemeni captive Salim Hamdan behaves, he’ll get to see as many as 10 movies before his 66-month sentence runs out on New Year’s Eve.

As much as the Left wants to complain about the treatment of the terrorists at G’itmo, they have it a damn sight better then the way the Islamists treat the people they capture, eh? Other detainees get to watch movies, too. Also, visit the library and outdoor recreation.

But, interest peaks

Still, serving out his sentence does not mean he will walk free. “He’ll still be retained as an enemy combatant,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters.

“But as an enemy combatant, he then becomes … eligible for the annual review board process to determine whether he’s eligible for release or transfer.”

So, maybe he is not going anywhere after his 66 months. Liberal teeth nashing in 3..2…

Can’t wait till the ACLU gets ahold of that information!

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