Spanish Only School In Charlotte, NC?

Here’s one from a few days ago that will blow Ogre’s mind when he is back from vacation

Dissatisfied with teaching in Spanish 85 percent of the time, a North Carolina superintendent is pushing for a proposal that includes a plan for a school where Spanish is the predominant language.

Superintendent Peter Gorman pitched his proposal to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board today, with provisions to combine two of its dual-language programs and turn Collinswood Elementary into a Spanish-speaking school. Nora Carr, chief communications officer for Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, told WND the facility will help to preserve Hispanic culture.

“We find that a lot of kids who go there have parents who might be English-speaking immigrants, and they might be very successful,” she said. “They fear that their kids might be losing some of the culture or not getting the fluency in the language because they speak English at home.”

Wonderful! Let’s create even more people who cannot compete in the American economy!

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2 Responses to “Spanish Only School In Charlotte, NC?”

  1. Kurt P says:

    Gosh, how…caucasian of me not to realize that NORTH CAROLINA had a vast and historic hispanic culture.
    I was always under the impression that it was Anglos who settled there until the Mexican invasion of the ’90s.

    Somehow all these “might be’s” tell me that they’re trying hard to blow smoke up someones dress.
    When is the school going to think about “preserving” the American way of life?

  2. forest hunter says:

    Here is a little insight from recent past why the Charlotte-Mecklenberg schools are at odds with what was once a proud America.


    A. The Superintendent made recommendations and the board approved appointments for the following administrative personnel:

    Stacy Applegate was named to the position of director of compensation and benefits. She previously served as compensation analyst for CMS.
    Nora Carr was appointed to the post of chief communications officer. Nora was previously the senior vice president at Luguire George Andrews, Inc.
    Vincent Smith was named executive director for human resources administration. Smith served as the district’s director of change management.
    B. The Board approved one citizen appointment to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Broadcasting Authority. Fran Farrer-Nash was appointed to fulfill a term vacated by Liz Downing.

    C. The Board reappointed Haze Moore and Betty Hunter to the Education Budget Advisory Committee.

    D. The Board approved a land acquisition of 2.66 acres located off Bailey Road at $20,000 per acre.

    Additional links for the previous VP of Luquire appointed by a non-elective process to lead the appeasement rally but don’t let that or the California connections trouble you.

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