Today’s Liberal Outrage: That White House Button

So, many in the Left-O-Sphere are all in a tizzy over this

white house obama pin

Well, if true, I can’t blame them. Of course, let’s consider that the Left thinks it is the height of debonaire society to discuss assassinating the President of the United States and viewing racist cartoons about Condi Rice.

The story started at the Trail Blazers blog, part of the Dallas Morning News. Christy Hoppe, the writer of the article, claims that the button was featured at a booth run by Republican Market at the Republican state convention (the button is not on their website, BTW). But, here’s the question: where is the proof? Did no one have a camera with them? Most reporters seem to carry Blackberry’s nowadays, most with cameras. Hell, you would think the reporter, or someone, would take a picture with their regular phone.

All we have is the say so of Christy Hoppe. She was not writing an opinion piece, but a hard news story for a major Dallas news source. Yet, we have nothing to go on but her say so. Can she provide any coberating evidence? When the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape was being pushed by Larry Johnson, most conservatives said “show it too me. We want the proof.” Not liberals, though. So many are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the nasty comments at the post. They remind me of what radical Islamists say “don’t say we are a religion of violence, or we’ll kill you.” In this case, they remind us how mean and evil Republicans are, then smear them (BTW, the comment I left asking for proof was never allowed at the site)

  • I guess we know who’s getting the douchebag vote.
  • Some of my countrymen are just too dumb to live!
  • Can we get rid of the south already? Racist white trash wasteland. I’m tired of them and their redneck presidents. One being a self absorbed douchebag and another a bubbling redneck with a pea sized brain.
  • yet another tasteless, racial comment from repugnicans…..why am i not surprised?!?!?

You can see more unhinged comments at Marc Ambinder’s place, BRADblog, AMERICAblog, and so many others. Check Memeorandum.

But, here’s a good idea: take a copy of that photo, then open in up in you photo software, such as Photoshop or Digital Imaging 10 (which is what I usually use.) Now blow it up about 500-600%. Check the W’s. Do they match the lighting?


That’s the White in White House. The shadow to the left doesn’t match.

Show me the proof it’s real.

Outside The Beltway has some choice quotes from the Left.

Oh, BTW, there is always one of the fun petitions from the Left up.

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6 Responses to “Today’s Liberal Outrage: That White House Button”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    I guess all liberal are lacking in knowlege of America, not just 57 states Hussein. Since Texas is probably the only state in the union that could become an idependent coutry and need nothing from the losers up north they are probably ready. I agree, the south should get out of the Union, and stay out this time. We can bleed the suckers up north out of everything they own and every penny they will ever make. Maybe some of them can survive on snowballs but it would be rough. Cut off all oil going north of the Mason Dixon, No refined fuel products allowed and definetly no food exported north.
    They would be on their knees in less than 30 days begging for help. I think we can do without a few gallons of maple syrup. Is there any other food product made or grown by the yankee’s?

  2. Rocque says:

    Where can we buy these buttons? They are going to be collector items for sure! Can we get them made into a watch? Is there anyone left in the USA with a sense of humor over stuff like this?

  3. manbearpig says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate here, why is it OK to immediately lump the entire south together as “white trash wasteland” and “rednecks”?

    I often get into arguments with my friends of different races saying I get offended when all “whiteys” are lumped together as “redneck” or “white trash” or “trailer park trash”. Isn’t this the exact same thing that happens when someone lumps all African Americans together as “thugs” or “gang-bangers”, or perpetuates the absent father stereotypes of the African American community?

    Apparently the only “class” of people that can be slurred with no repercussions is the middle-class, white American.

  4. You are right on the money, Scrapiron. And, consider that an enormous amount of the oil form Alaska, as well as other areas, is refined in Texas.

    Rocque, you could get them made easy. For real. Without photoshop 🙂

    It’s all about the hypocrisy, MBP. I saw stuff like that all over the lefty blogs, and none of them seemed to get the irony of decrying the button as a nasty smear, then doing it themselves.

  5. John Ryan says:

    Alaska oil is never brought ot Texas for refining it goes to California by ship.
    Texas is a distant 2nd to Alaska in oil production.
    Texas also takes more money from the Federal government than it gives in taxes.
    As far as Texas bleeding the North dry they tried it once, didn’t work out so good for them. And as far as their bragging goes we might just split Alaska in two and then Texas would have to settle for being the 3rd biggest state. Alaskans hate Texans always have and always will.
    New Jersey has the lowest gas prices in the whole country
    as far as buying the buttons the Texas Republicans have announced that the vendor will no longer be allowed to sell at their conventions and that all of the money will be donated to charity.
    I believe that they will still be available at the Aryan Brotherhood convention and other White Supremacist gatherings

  6. Rocque says:

    Well I am not either of those. I will Nix On the buttons then. It is too bad when hatred overcomes humor.

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