Even The Washington Post Notices That Anti-Iraq/WoT Films Suck

It’s been said so many times, but, during WWII, filmmakers were actually rooting for America to win. Now, they release films and put snarky commentary into TV shows to root for America’s defeat, and highlight how mean and bad and at fault we are (Washington Post)

After five years of conflict in Iraq, Hollywood seems to have learned a sobering lesson: The only things less popular than the war itself are dramatic films and television shows about the conflict.

A spate of Iraq-themed movies and TV shows haven’t just failed at the box office. They’ve usually failed spectacularly, despite big stars, big budgets and serious intentions.

The underwhelming reception from the public raises a question: Are audiences turned off by the war, or are they simply voting against the way filmmakers have depicted it?

Personally, I think they completely misunderstand their audience, which obviously does not include those who actually root for America to win. Liberal/progressive/Surrender Monkeys, though, they are the target audience, but, unless it is a petition, on-line chat, or demonstration, they do not care, because going to a movie would cost money, and reduce the time they could be out filling out petitions, writing letters to the editor, and, overall, living their lives in freedom provided by Bush.

Also, while there are certainly lots and lots of people who are against the war, how many really, really care enough to actually go see a movie? Most seem to be against the war because it is a popular position with some of their friends and the media, but, it is kinda like hatred of broccoli: enough to take it off ones plate, but not enough to storm out of the house.

I’d love to see a study at how they do once they go to video. They do not seem to be up there on Amazon’s DVD lists, and, there tends to be lots and lots of copies sitting on the shelves at the local Blockbuster, begging someone to rent them.

Even with such an erratic track record, more films about the war are on their way. “The Hurt Locker,” about an elite American bomb-disposal squad, recently completed production. “The Return,” with Rachel McAdams as an Iraq war veteran, is scheduled for release early next year. In July, HBO will air a seven-part miniseries, “Generation Kill,” based on journalist Evan Wright’s account of the first few weeks of the American invasion. And Paul Greengrass (“The Bourne Ultimatum,” “United 93”) is currently filming a movie version of the book “Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone,” by Washington Post staffer Rajiv Chandrasekaran. It stars Matt Damon.

Generation Kill? That doesn’t sound too much like the Left thinks our military is composed of mindless killers, eh?

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3 Responses to “Even The Washington Post Notices That Anti-Iraq/WoT Films Suck”

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    A short recon of whatÂ’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often….

  2. Joyce says:

    The Washington Post didn’t say the anti-Iraq war films suck — it said that they failed at the box office. Big difference. Many really good movies don’t do well financially.

  3. That is what I meant, Joyce. They sucked at the box office. Personally, I cannot comment on the quality of the films, I haven’t seen them. Based on the box office receipts, neither did those on the left.

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