Atlanta Tornado’s Possibly Caused By Global Warming

You knew it was going to show up, and, bam, at The Daily Green

What may have been a tornado ripped a hole in the Georgia Dome during an Alabama-Mississippi State quarterfinal basketball game, the Associated Press is reporting. (snip)

While the region is now entering tornado season, the winter has been marked by several rounds of unusual winter tornadoes, which typically require warm masses of air to form. To date, there have been many more tornadoes this year than in any of the previous five. While no individual weather events can be attributed to larger climate trends, like global warming, scientists have predicted that the United States will experience more tornadoes as the climate warms.

You know, hint hint, wink wink.


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2 Responses to “Atlanta Tornado’s Possibly Caused By Global Warming”

  1. Stacy says:

    Just like that bitchin increase in hurricanes that happened.

    Geez, my entire life here in Colorado suddenly makes no sense. Some years we have lots of tornadoes, some years we don’t. I remember a summer one year as a little girl that I hid in the basement the entire season. That was more than 30 years ago. Close to the same time we were told we were entering an ice age.

  2. I remember reading one report that stated that tornado’s are much worse during cooler times, since you get much cooler air flowing down to meet the warm, most air flowing north. If it is warmer over all, you do not get the necessary cool air.

    But, notice that it is only climate, not weather, when it benefits their hysterics.

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