Car Bombing Network Disrupted In Baghdad

I wonder why I did not see this good news in the standard media outlets?

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces detained two wanted individuals and an additional suspect during operations Tuesday to disrupt the car-bombing network in Baghdad.

Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be responsible for planning numerous car-bombing attacks in the capital city. The suspect was allegedly in the process of planning up to 25 car-bombing attacks to take place in the Fadhil area of Rusafa, where his brother is allegedly a key terrorist leader. Intelligence reports led the ground force to the target area, where they detained the suspect without incident.

West of the city, the ground force captured another wanted individual reportedly attempting to re-establish the city’s car-bombing operations after significant degradation by Coalition forces. During operations Oct. 7, 13 and 16, Coalition forces captured several suspects with ties to the car-bombing network believed to be involved in the planning and execution of numerous attacks against Iraqi civilians and security forces.  In addition to the targeted individual, one suspected terrorist was detained during the operation.

“Our operations are steadily chipping away at the al-Qaeda in Iraq network in Baghdad,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. “We will relentlessly apply pressure on the networks so they cannot recover and carry out their brutal attacks on the Iraqi people.”

This CENTCOM news release was from 10/23, yet, not a peep out of the MSM. It is almost like the liberal media does not want us to hear anything good that happens in Iraq, like they don’t want us to hear about progress. I wonder why?

Surprisingly, the LA Times does have a piece on Ramadi being so quiet that the Marines have declared war on………..garbage. And the LA Times did not even attempt to take shots at the war itself. Kudos!

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