Goracle Debates The Experts

Of course, we all know the experts MUST be in the pay of the Coal and Oil lobbies.

Via Little Miss Attila

PS: what’s up with this?

Hurricane Central: Today’s Outlook

No imminent threats (emphasis theirs)

There are several areas of disturbed weather in the tropical Atlantic Basin today, but none poses an immediate threat for tropical cyclone development.

A total of 13 named storms in the Atlantic (4 hurricanes) and 10 in the Pacific (4 hurricanes) this season. That is two straight seasons with little activity. Why are the "OH MY GORACLE! Climate change is going to really ramp up the hurricanes" hysterics discussing this? Perhaps they haven’t figured out their talking points yet, or, more likely, are hoping people haven’t noticed.

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One Response to “Goracle Debates The Experts”

  1. joated says:

    Don’t forget that two of those named stormes were “sub-tropical” and formed well outside the normal zone. As to be expected, they were neither very strong–barely reaching tropical storm level–nor very long lived. I believe Andrea lasted just three days while Jerry may have been around for about the same. Both storms would have easily been missed in the days before sattelite observations.

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