HuffPost on Iranian Sanctions

I bet you are expecting rational discussion on the sanctions placed by the United Nations on Iran, right?

  • The ONLY hold the Bush/Cheney swine herd has left on our country is CONTINUOUS WAR!

    Will the infestation in the White House use these sanctions as a convenient excuse to start yet another false and criminal war?  By: getoffmedz (please, get back on your meds)

  • OOOOOOOOOh! Iran is now so scared! Sanctions! Iran has lived under sanctions and thanks to sanctions has developed beyond anyone's imagination in education, science, and technology, based on self-reliance and independence as a nation.
    Iran should pull out of IAEA and NPT now. Pursue the enrichment at faster pace, and I hope they decide to make the bomb, just as North Korea did, to stop U.S. bullying supported by European noodels. By: hajiagh (but don't say the Left supports terrorists and does not love the U.S.A.)
  • The United Nations is an organization with great opportunity, but allowing the five (5) Super-Race Nations to control it with BRIBERY/THREATS and their VETO POWER (5), makes me so Damned ANGRY I could spit.
    LISTEN you limp wristed SOB's, kick these SOB Super-Races in the face and tell them to go to Hell. It is (PAST) time getting (OUT) of the United States, REMOVING the Super-Race "Veto-Powers", and doing some good for the world.
    That the US/Brit/France/Russia/China have been allowed to 'screw' Iran further, is a sign of total lack of ethic and morality by the other 190 nations of the UN.
    Get a LIFE. By: DeWayne (ah, like the moralism of all the Muslim nations who, for one thing, treat their women as chattel.)
  • It would be justice if the UN imposed sanctions on the United States for its militarism and wanton aggression.

    In conjunction, each country could simply demand that all US bases be closed and all men and material removed. Now that would be a big start to a peaceful world!  By: jmc42 (am I allowed to write that the Left really does hate the United States and her military?)

  • Iran has been under some form of sanctions since the 70s and they've manager to create a highly functioning theocracy.

    I dont want to hear one f-in word from anyone about how they're not a real democracy and they're run by muslim fanatics. So tired of this hollow rhetoric.

    The USA is the nation crumbling and destroying itself from within with a group of war criminals in office terrorizing the world based on their own religious extremism. How other peoples and other nations choose to rule their lands is none of your damn business. If the USA and the scumbag Brits had minded their own business after WWII none of us would be in this mess today. By creating Israel where Palestine rightfully owns and belongs, the white european imperialists have achieved their goals: divide and conquer. No Israel. No problem.

    Iran is another war for Israel. Iran has no oil to speak of, they're going to run out in 10 years — that's why they're developing nuclear power so they can join the 21st century and update their power supply. Also, Im hoping its to gain nuclear weapons to protect themselves against American and Jewish aggression.

    Thanks to Israel and the US , the United Nations has been rendered utterly ineffective and merely a litigious tool for America and Jews to keep the Middle East in a state of destruction and chaos. By: TellinTruth <<<<<<<Only in Liberal World would someone pick that screen name, then post a comment like that)

Cao has a pretty good post up, regarding the same video that Blogs for Bush has, which I mentioned in today's Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup post. She highlights one of the most important things that Evan Sayat says:

The modern liberal will invariably side with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

And the Huff Post comments, which are not unusual for them at all, bear that out.

moonbat moonbat

Must be all the global warming melting their brains

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  1. Anti-American Left is Increasingly Out of Control…

    I’m sickened by our most loudly vocal countrymen. They have no idea the sacrifices made on their behalf. They are oblivious to what is done to protect their right to spit in the faces of their fellow Americans and to burn our Soldiers in effigy.

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