Who Says Dems Love Illegal Immigrants? Those Bastards!

I mean, really, how dare anyone say that Democrats are soft on illegal immigration!

A Mississippi Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has warned the nation's largest uniform supplier it faces criminal charges if it follows a White House proposal to recheck workers with mismatched Social Security numbers and fire those who cannot resolve the discrepancy in 60 days.

Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a letter to Cintas Corp. it could be charged with "illegal activities in violation of state and federal law" if any of its 32,000 employees are terminated because they gave incorrect Social Security numbers to be hired.

Thompson has all sorts of issues, as layed out in the article. Workers rights, discrimination, etc. All the usual liberal hits. He apparently has an issue with companies following the law, which prohibits the hiring of illegal aliens.

Seriously, how many people out their would not be able to verify their personal information, particularly their social security number, in under 60 days?

Furthermore, you have to love how a Democrat is making accusations of criminal wrong doing, using his position in Congress to intimidate a private corportation. Sounds more like something the mafia would do.

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5 Responses to “Who Says Dems Love Illegal Immigrants? Those Bastards!”

  1. Maggie says:

    Now Teach, why are you surprised when a DEMOCRAT has no problem with people telling lies?

    That was a lesson well taught by Bill.

    “Lie now……because I can.”

    “Cheat now ……because I can.”

  2. But, but, they kept saying that were for the rule of law. I’m just so disappointed 😉

  3. Scrapiron says:

    Democrat-Mafia. is there a difference? Lots of people disappear either way.

  4. Ogre says:

    Scrapiron took the words right out of my mouth.

  5. LOL, good one, Scrapiron.

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