Senate Dems DEMAND Answers On Nuke Disclosure

Now they are just getting silly (from US Newswire)

Senators Harry Reid, Carl Levin, Joe Biden, and Jay Rockefeller today sent a letter to Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte asking him to review the national security consequences for the posting of sensitive nuclear weapons design materials on the Internet. The senators also asked for the origins and purpose of the overall publication program. This program was set up under pressure from Congressional republicans. The full text of the letter follows.

Key excerpts from the letter

  • -"The news reports indicate that this action came about after Members of Congress, including the Chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, pressured the Administration to establish a program to publicly release documents captured in Iraq that could support claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and had ties to al Qa'ida. Legislation to require such release was actually introduced in the House (H.R. 4869) and the Senate (S. 2408)."
  • -"Given the national security implications of the public release of this information, we request that you immediately conduct a thorough review of the origins, purpose and consequences of this program and the release of this sensitive information."

In other words "how dare BushCo. release documents that show that they were friggin' right about WMD and Saddam, which led the NY Times, usually our ally in BDS, to destroy three years of talking points! It's dastardly and unfair!"

Don't forget that it was Jay Rockefellar who stated "I do believe that Iraq poses an imminent threat……."

And look, BDS on display

Dear Director Negroponte:

Yesterday's news reports indicate that the Bush Administration publicly released on the Internet nuclear weapons design documents captured in Iraq.

When they say "the Bush Administration," they really do mean that President Bush himself intentionally released those specific documents, instead of reality, where someone way down the food chain made a boo boo.

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4 Responses to “Senate Dems DEMAND Answers On Nuke Disclosure”

  1. […] Pirate's Cove picks up a story about whiny Senate Democrats, who are pouting about the New York Times destroying their "No WMD!" talking points from the last three years. Heh! posted at 02:58 PM by Puppy Blender […]

  2. Scrapiron says:

    Send some of the noe-existant WMD, maybe Sarin gas to the DNC and each Dim congress member. Better yet send it to their home address so the families will be exposed also. Send it in the rusty leaking packages as some of it was found. Keep the stuff that isn’t leaking.

  3. Scrapiron says:

    At least the president should appear Monday morning on all networks and say ” I told you so” ha ha ha.

  4. If only he would. He just doesn’t seem to fight back that much against the Demonutjobs.

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