Dems Soft On National Security: Pelosi Provides Proof

By now, most of you know about the kefluffle over Rep. Peter Hoekstra suspending a Democratic staffer for leaking classified information to the NY Times. How did Nancy Pelosi, the Dem House leader, respond?

I am writing to reiterate the concerns I expressed to you earlier today about the outrageous action taken by Intelligence Committee Chairman Hoekstra, against a member of the Democratic staff.

There is nothing more important than keeping Americans safe. You and I share the critical goals of protecting our national security and safeguarding the intelligence processes upon which our security depends. Mr. Hoekstra's action furthers neither goal.

The unilateral decision by Mr. Hoekstra to suspend the clearances of a Democratic staff member without consultation with the Ranking Democrat, Congresswoman Harman, or an investigation of any kind is unprecedented and reckless. Any action against a staff member's clearance should come at the conclusion of an investigation, not before one even begins, and a decision to undertake an investigation should only come after consultation with the Ranking Democrat, as required by committee rules.

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on global terrorism was sent to at least six committees of Congress in May of 2006. Hundreds of people in the executive branch were also aware of its contents. Absolutely no evidence has been provided by Mr. Hoekstra that the disclosure to the media of the NIE came from Congress in general or specifically from a member, or a staff member, of the House Intelligence Committee.

It is impossible to escape the conclusion – especially since it has been acknowledged by Republican members of the committee – that Mr. Hoekstra's unilateral action against the staff member was in retaliation for the release by Ms. Harman of an unclassified committee report on the means by which former Congressman Cunningham influenced Intelligence Committee business. The report was an embarrassment to the Republican leadership of the committee, as it should have been, however, that is no justification for the action taken against the staff member.

Yammer, yammer, switch gears, blame Republicans. Rather then being interested in why a Democrat was leaking classified information, and the breach of national security, they obsfucate the issue.

You have to love her reasoning. Don't suspend the security clearance of someone accused of leaking classified documents till the investigation is done. So sorry, Nancy, but it doesn't work that way. Interestingly, the Dems are according the staff member the old addage, innocent till proven guilty, to the staffer, which they refuse to accord President Bush, Cheney, Rove (Plame affair), etc. Remember, the Dems wanted Rove suspended before the investigation was concluded. One which found him innocent.

If someone is accused of national security breaches, their clearance is suspended till the investigation is concluded, at which point it is either revoked permanently, or reinstated, depending on the outcome, of course. Dems might know that if they knew anything about protecting American national security secrets.

Dennis Haster said:

"America is fighting the Global War on Terror so that we can fight the enemy overseas instead of on American streets. Any leaks of classified information regarding the War on Terror undermine our efforts and put our military personnel and intelligence officers at greater risk."

Dems do not get it, and do not want to get it.

Random thought: If the roles were reversed, do you think that the Dems would not only be calling for the staffers head prior to any investigation, but would be screaming it from the roof tops at every available moment? I do.

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4 Responses to “Dems Soft On National Security: Pelosi Provides Proof”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Democrat staffer, hired by Jane Harman, defended by Peloshi. All are involved in the crime, at least to the point of ‘knowledge’ of who comitted treason and the attempted coverup. Harman is also under federal investigation for other crimes. Now we know why all of the democrats are accusing others of crimes, they are trying to ‘project’ their crimes on others. Just because my neighbor robbed a bank doesn’t make it ok for me to rob a bank, unless I join the democ’rat party, then it’s legal. Hey, there might be an advantage to being a democ’rat if they can make this tactic stick.

  2. Iran Threatens Europeans…

    He wants a nuclear bomb so much, lets “drop” a few off for him and be done with the whole mess….

  3. With the Dems, it is always someone else’s fault (read Bush and/or Republican). We saw what their position was on Sandy Burgler. “No big deal, move along.”

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