Banned At YouTube

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As recommended by the All Seeing Pirate Ragnar at The Jawa Report, tried uploading the Michelle Malkin video that YouTube banned to my YouTube account. It was “Rejected (terms of use violation.)” Figures.

Ragnar recommends not abandoning YouTube, and he is right. On the flip side, embedding Flurl is really easy, and, can change the size of the vids in seconds. Tough call.

I recommend using Youtube for all your “islamaphobic (snicker)” vids, Flurl for stuff that matters.

YouTube hasn’t fragged this one that I had uploaded awhile ago yet. Dead terrorist!

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2 Responses to “Banned At YouTube”

  1. Carl says:

    I don’t think the MSM has reported on this in any way as of this time. Unless YouTube censors something the ACLU or the NAACP or the Democrats support nothing will be done to counter their biased and wrong censorship in this instance.

  2. Fox says:

    Wow, that is pretty cool.

    As we are an equal time kind of society…I got tired of seeing our flag burning.
    Now, I support the right or freedom to burn it, but, I want the freedom to burn them in effigy, etc.

    To this end…I submit the following madness:
    I made an OSAMA effigy and spoke to the local fire department about buring it at a party like gathering. It required I file a permit.
    So, I went to file a permit. they issued me the permit to burn, but, mentioned I also need a permit to gather. So, I went to file another permit, which was also issued, but, they mentioned I need to alert the fire depertment and that my permit required I have firemen on-site. So, I went back to the local firestation. spoke to the command and they indicated they did not have the budget for over time but, I could post for volunteers….

    So, I decided a piinata might be a better idea. Turns out many companies already make them. Cool. 45.00+13,00 for ship+18.00 for candy…
    I dediced to make one.
    After it was completed, I went to the convention planner and requested space as it was now potentially an indoors event…in case of rain…kind of a thing.
    To comply we had to have a protective area in case the bat slipped. We also were required to have goggles for all spectators in case of flying candy or bits of pinata. OK. We also had to ensure that it was only 3 feet off the ground to comply with the facilities handicap access compliance. Lastly, we had to have everyone sign a waiver or release from all bodily injuries form and and accepting all damages to properties…etc.

    …the terrorist won. I couldn’t get all the moonbats, fees, permits, forms printed, protective screens, personell, eye-protectors, class a, b, and c certified extinguishers,
    etc together within the 3 months timeframe….to make this a totally “legal” event.

    It never even got to the point of contacting local media for coverage of a halloween goof… ( g )

    So much for an American Halloween…

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