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Hurricane John To Devastate Baja (?)

Or so the front page headline would make one think  Click for full size. It says "Hurricane headed to baja could be category 4. But, what does the actual story say? John became the sixth Pacific hurricane of the season earlier in the day and quickly grew in strength with maximum sustained winds reaching 115 […]

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Katrina 1/5 Insensitivity

Today is the one year anniversary of Katrina. Now, perhaps many may find this insensitive, and take me to task, but, I think the media and the lefties, often one and the same, are over doing the issue. And, we know why. PPP. Petty partisan politics. Blame Bush. BDS. The media never made a huge […]

Iraqi’s Assuming Control, and Linkfest

Bet you won't find this one in the MSM (from Defense Link) The Iraqi government is slated to assume control of its soldiers, sailors and airmen sometime next month, a senior U.S. military officer told reporters in Baghdad today. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense, through its joint headquarters in Baghdad, will assume operational control of […]

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