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Adding To The Complete Military History of France

Everyone knows the complete military history of France, right? A history of draws and losses. Well, add a new chapter to the history of surrender Lebanon, 2006 Tasked with supplying a large contingent of troops and leading the peace keeping force in Southern Lebanon, in order to keep the peace between Israel and Lebanon, France […]

9/11 Tribute At Airborne And Special Ops Museum

They have not forgotten (via WRAL) A tribute to 9/11 victims that is literally moving was erected Monday morning outside the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. Created from wreckage of the World Trade Center, "The Gate" stands 23 feet high and weighs about five tons. Upright steel beams represent the two towers, while squares of […]

More Voting in Iraq: An Agricultural Union

More good news that I just have to wonder why the MSM isn't covering (from DefenseLink) DIYARA, Iraq, Aug. 18, 2006 – The Diyara Agricultural Union held its first elections in the history of the program at the Diyara secondary school Aug. 12. Farmers from the region voted for seven members to sit on the […]

Where Are The Israeli Soldiers?

There are lots of whiny stories in the MSM and the Left-O-Sphere about Israel breaking the cease fire (there is no maybe or might have's from them.) But, are there any stories out there about the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, who still have not been returned? I wonder what the families of the soldiers have to […]

Ten Commandments Allowed. And Linkfest

I'm sure that this will drive the ACLU crazy. And probably gave the NY Times writer a serious case of the vapors A federal judge on Friday said a Ten Commandments monument outside a courthouse in Oklahoma could stay, rejecting arguments that it promotes Christianity at the expense of other religions. Judge Ronald A. White […]

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