Adding To The Complete Military History of France

Everyone knows the complete military history of France, right? A history of draws and losses.

Well, add a new chapter to the history of surrender

Lebanon, 2006

Tasked with supplying a large contingent of troops and leading the peace keeping force in Southern Lebanon, in order to keep the peace between Israel and Lebanon, France surrenders before even deploying said troops, then sends a few in rubber boats.

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4 Responses to “Adding To The Complete Military History of France”

  1. Believing the French…

    Maybe there is something to the argument about Bush’s administration being a little inept, who in their right mind would have believed the French would muster several thousand peacekeepers?…

  2. Mark Krauss says:

    No need to fear, super Jaques is here!!

    200 french troops, that’s real support for the cause, at least by French standards.

  3. Apparently, they could only get 200 white flags on short order. The demand is so great in France, that that was all the wharehouse had 😉

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