Daily Archives: August 17, 2006

ACLU Challenges Anti Illegal Laws

Really. Does the ACLU even remember that the first word in their acronym is American? (from Yahoo News) Hispanic activists and the ACLU sued Hazleton on Tuesday over one of the toughest crackdowns on illegal immigrants by a U.S. city. Hazleton, a city of about 31,000 people 80 miles from Philadelphia, voted last month to […]

Buy From White’s Only On Labor Day

Somewhere in Wake County, NC, I'm sure some public servant has been fired who is Caucasian recently. So, in order to support them, I am recommending that on Labor Day, 2006, whites only buy from white owned business' in Wake County. Shocking? Is that racist?

9/11 Tribute: The 2,996 Project

Folks, for those who aren't aware of it, there is a 9/11 Tribute that D. Challener Roe started up awhile back. It aims to pay individual tribute to the 2,996 Americans who lost their lives on 9/11. I myself have honor of paying tribute to Brooke Alexandra Jackman on the Pirate's Cove and Andrew H. […]

Mosque Preacher Sacked

This is very interesting info regarding Yemen A radical mosque preacher in Sana’a was sacked earlier this week for preaching hatred and inciting violence against foreign interests in Yemen, Hamoud Obad, Minister of Endowment and Guidance revealed to the Yemen Observer. “The Imam of Abu Baker al-Seeddiq mosque in a neighborhood of Sana’a was fired from […]

Thursday Linkfest! Libs Will Now Hate India

This should drive the abortion-on-demand progressives stark raving mad(der) (from the AFP) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called on parents in India to stop seeing girls as an economic liability and to end the practice of killing unborn female foetuses. Singh's appeal on India's 59th Independence Day came four days after the grisly discovery of 25 […]

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