Daily Archives: August 5, 2006

Human Rights Watch Remembers Hezbollah

The other day I wrote a post about HRW forgetting Hezbollah's actions in a release that condemned Israel soley. I even went so far as to write HRW, asking why that was. The response I recieved from HRW was less then satisfactory. To be honest, it was a total copout. I was considering posting it, […]

France-US Agree On ME Resolution-Inside Info!

*MUST QUOTE THE PIRATE'S COVE!!!!!* I have obtained inside information regarding France's material support to peace between Israel and Hezbollah

DUmmie Thought of The Day

The typical "progressive" TwoSparkles  If there is another 9/11 in this country…  …what will the terrorist act(s) be? After reading Fisk's article in The Guardian–and watching the United States provoke our enemies with horrendous actions–I am convinced that a major terrorist attack is inevitable. We are openly cultivating rage. Our nation, practically stood alone–giving the […]

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