Daily Archives: August 24, 2006

The Jawa Report Has Important Information

which really needs to be read. It regards Al Queda in Iraq, and the kidnapped Fox News crew.

Pirate Boobies!

  Where's my traffic spike, beatches? Stacey and Beth have the scoop, mateys (on the flip side, you know the Dems never have fun like this.) Update: From what I hear, the ladies like Orlando Bloom

ACLU Probes Arrest Of Illegals

Once again, the ACLU has forgetten what they stand for: American civil liberties The American Civil Liberties Union is investigating a Rhode Island state trooper who apprehended 14 illegal immigrants during a traffic stop, charging "racial profiling" and insisting the officer had no right to ask for ID. The Rhode Island affiliate of the ACLU […]

I Thought There Was No Progress In Iraq?

I mean, that is what the Defeatocrats constantly say. Quagmire, Vietraq, a CIVIL WAR, yeaaarrrrggggg! So we should cut and run, excuse me "redeploy to Japan," where our forces could react if something bad happened in the Middle East, or so Rep. John Murtha tells us, as he travels around the country stumping for other […]

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