Daily Archives: August 1, 2006

FDA Rethinks Medication For Drunk, Irresponsible Pregosuaras’

This must have made the abortion on demand crowd jubilent: The Food and Drug Administration unexpectedly announced its willingness Monday to make the emergency contraceptive, Plan B, available without prescription – but only to women 18 and older. The announcement is the most concrete indication to date that the FDA, after more than two years […]

Kerry’s HUGE Press Conference

Kerry spoke the other day in Iowa. This is what the AP wants you to see:   This is the reality: Have fun running in 2008, John!  (h/t hoagie19013) Raven has some interesting info on Der Poodle and his health care plan.

Crazy Gov Bureau

I reckon I have now seen it all. North Carolina has a State Department of Refrigeration. I wonder how this will come out, posting from my new Crackberry. Finally trashed the old one. No access to a PC till this evening.

Will Libs Hold Candlelight Vigils?

Castro had a bit of surgery, and has had to turn power over to his brother in the interim. Ye Olde AP has written a glowing piece on him, rife with verbage that portrays him in a beneficent light. All that is missing is the recomendation to hold candlelight vigils and, well, they cannot pray, so at […]

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