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Popup Comments For WP. Plus A Moron And A Geek

Aaaar, Mateys, today’s hints revolve around pop up comments for ye olde WordPress(e). Didn’t ye always want them? Won’t change your hits, ‘cepting perhaps thy page views. However, some people really like them, since can go from one post to the next breezily. What say I help ye out. Do we have an accord? Yea? […]

Priceless To Be Banned

An oldy but goody, which is banned in the USA [gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-7184420933710108270&hl=en”][/gv]

Iraq: Engineer Betters Iraqi Youths Lives

Not in the MSM, eh? (from DefenseLink News) Bettering the lives of Iraqi youngsters is what Peter Debski says is the best part of his job. He’s been involved in overseeing millions of dollars of reconstruction work in and around Baghdad over the past 10 months, including new water and sewer networks, electrical distribution projects, […]

American Flag Business

Some belated additions, cause brain, she no work. Give it up for Born Again Redneck Chicago Ray Welcome aboard, Mateys!

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