Daily Archives: August 26, 2006

Nance Stopped By Again

I do so enjoy when Nance (she said I could call her that) Pelosi stops be. We chat about things, drink a few, but it is best when it is warm, cause then I get to see what a hottie she is!

Mosque’s Are Sacred, Right?

Muzzies get all sorts of incensed when one of their religious icons are damaged. Heck, they riot over a reported desecration, one with no proof then the standard "anonymous sources." Yet, they themselves constantly damage or desecrate their own icons. Coalition forces were attacked today from the Al Qadir Al Kilami mosque in Ramadi, Iraq, […]

Thongs Greet Obama As He Goes All Photo Op

So, when United States Of America President George W. Bush goes to see the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving, the press terms that a phony photo op. When W went to New Orleans on multiple occassions, particularly at the request of "Chocolate City" Nagin, the press called those visits photo ops. You know, because the […]

Good News Iraq: Slowing The Violence

Two stories that will surely not make the MSM. Both from Defense Link First, a decrease in violence Violence in Baghdad has decreased over the past five weeks, and the Iraqi government is committed to reconciliation, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Iraq's Deputy President Adil al-Mahdi said here today. Following a meeting at the Pentagon, […]

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