Mosque’s Are Sacred, Right?

Muzzies get all sorts of incensed when one of their religious icons are damaged. Heck, they riot over a reported desecration, one with no proof then the standard "anonymous sources." Yet, they themselves constantly damage or desecrate their own icons.

Coalition forces were attacked today from the Al Qadir Al Kilami mosque in Ramadi, Iraq, military officials here reported.

The attack at about 12:30 p.m. included small-arms and machine-gun fire, rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and a makeshift bomb, officials said.

Coalition forces returned fire in self-defense using escalation-of-force procedures, officials said, and finally fired several main gun rounds from M1 tanks into the mosque to defeat the attackers. The mosque’s dome and minaret were heavily damaged.

Will Muzzies next protest against the Coalition forces attacking the mosque?

How is this story reported?

Not too biased, eh? The substance of the stories were essentially correct. Their was an attack from the mosque, military forces responded. However, notice that none of the stories mention that these were not just U.S. forces, but Coalition troops. Also notice that the headlines try and pin the blame on the United States. Ye old New York Times picked up the Al Reuters story, and left the headline unchanged.

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