Thongs Greet Obama As He Goes All Photo Op

So, when United States Of America President George W. Bush goes to see the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving, the press terms that a phony photo op.

When W went to New Orleans on multiple occassions, particularly at the request of "Chocolate City" Nagin, the press called those visits photo ops.

You know, because the President of the United States should never do that stuff. And politicians never do photo ops, right?

Yet, Obama is treated not just with kid gloves, but as some sort of savior

Obama's up Hillary's buttU.S. Senator Barack Obama arrived in western Kenya on Saturday as thousands of cheering well-wishers mobbed the streets to greet the rising political star in America's Democratic Party as a native son.

Born in Hawaii to a white American mother and a Kenyan father, Obama is revered by many Kenyans the way the Irish idolized former U.S. President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s — as a native who succeeded beyond their wildest aspirations.

Locals have named their children after him, a Kenyan beer named Senator is called Obama and T-shirts saying "Obama for President" have been hawked on the streets.

OK, enough of the media adulation and thongs. I mean throngs.

Obama went to a mobile clinic at the hospital to take an AIDS test with his wife Michelle and set an example for the tens of thousands of African men and women who fear the stigma of being tested for the disease ravaging sub-Saharan Africa.

Sounds like a photo op to me! And, not even a good one. Does Obama realize that the people are not his constituents? They aren't even American. While I respect him for trying to help people out, perhaps he should do that here in America. He also forgot that the majority of AIDS is spread through unprotected anal intercourse, primarily a homosexual issue. Bet he won't say anything about that!

That is what politicians do. They go places. They meet people. Photographs are taken. It is part of the job.

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