I Thought There Was No Progress In Iraq?

I mean, that is what the Defeatocrats constantly say. Quagmire, Vietraq, a CIVIL WAR, yeaaarrrrggggg! So we should cut and run, excuse me "redeploy to Japan," where our forces could react if something bad happened in the Middle East, or so Rep. John Murtha tells us, as he travels around the country stumping for other like minded Surrender Monkeys.

But, is there progress? (from Operation Iraqi Freedom, which I'm sure the Defeatocrats will call several derogatory names)

The first full Iraqi Army division will soon be operating without the mentoring of U.S. advisors, a U.S. Army official who oversees Iraqi security forces’ training said Monday in Baghdad.

Brig. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard discussed the formation of the Iraqi National Police and security concerns throughout Iraq in a briefing to reporters.

Pittard, commander of the Iraqi Assistance Group, said that after Sept. 3, the 8th Iraqi Army Division will be operating independently.

Coalition forces will provide only guidance going forward to what will become the first Iraqi Army division to reach such a level of independence.

Thank you, Sgt. Jeffy Lowery, with the 124th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, for giving us information which will never make the MSM. Good news from Iraq is definately not in their agenda.

Sure looks like progress to me. But, hey, let's do like the Democrats say, and just "redeploy." That'll stabilize Iraq and the Middle East, eh?

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10 Responses to “I Thought There Was No Progress In Iraq?”

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  4. Stacy says:

    I’ve been so caught up in breasts lately I completely missed this story. Thanks for posting it; it’s very good news.

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