Buy From White’s Only On Labor Day

Somewhere in Wake County, NC, I'm sure some public servant has been fired who is Caucasian recently. So, in order to support them, I am recommending that on Labor Day, 2006, whites only buy from white owned business' in Wake County.

Shocking? Is that racist?


Well, if that is racist, what about this?

Blacks in Guilford County are being urged to buy only from black-owned businesses on Labor Day to protest events such as the firing of Guilford's first black county manager.

"It's a symbolic gesture that we're making," said Bernita Sims, a High Point City Council member. She added: "All we're saying is, if you have to purchase, purchase from an African-American business."

The county manager, Willie Best, was fired June 29, prompting Sims and other black leaders to release a document titled "A Declaration Against Intolerable Racism."

Looks like racism to me. If Blacks truly want racial equality, then they cannot come up with, and, in quite a few cases, go though with racists plans. Very hypocritical.

What the article, and those who proposed the racists action, failed to mention is the Best was essentially fired for incompetence, according to the Greensboro News-Record, as well as some other reasons. If someone is not getting the job done, it doesn't matter what color they are. Except to some people.

BTW, I do not really advocate a Buy From White's Only Day at all. Just making a point, before someone asks me where my hood and sheets are.

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2 Responses to “Buy From White’s Only On Labor Day”

  1. JC says:

    The problem with this is that the pro-immigration protestors did not make it a plan to buy from only other immigrant businesses, they didn’t buy from ANYBODY.

    This is not to mention the fact that by buying from only “White” businesses, you are excluding not just the Mexicans you hate so much, but also Blacks and all other people. Heck, you end up buying from a White immigrant. Does that justify it? Then again, reposting a racist idea, combined with your apparent collusion with the idea shows that this blog supports racism. So I guess you probably don’t want to buy from other races anyway, huh?

    As a Caucasian, Republican you are giving our party a bad name. Then again, racists like you belong in the other party.

  2. First, you completely failed to understand what I posted.

    Second, you didn’t even comment on the topic de jure.

    Third, you aren’t a Conservative.

    Fourth, did you even read the whole thing?

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