Thursday Linkfest! Libs Will Now Hate India

This should drive the abortion-on-demand progressives stark raving mad(der) (from the AFP)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called on parents in India to stop seeing girls as an economic liability and to end the practice of killing unborn female foetuses.

Singh's appeal on India's 59th Independence Day came four days after the grisly discovery of 25 female foetuses from a private clinic in northern Punjab state, which has the country's lowest sex ratio due to rampant female foeticide.

"We must end the crime of female foeticide. We must eliminate gender disparity," Singh said in an address to the nation.

Abortion-on-demand is the Left's #1 issue, no matter how they try to hide it. Complete and utter "reproductive rights," including the ability to preform late term abortions, with no interference. And, like other Leftist issues, they will brook no discussion or argument. To them, a baby is not a baby till it has exited the womb alive.

But, as the Gipper said "Abortion is advocated only by peresons who have themselves been born." I abortion is so great, why don't more people have them? What would John Kerry say if one of his daughters decided to get an abortion?

Surely the Left will not put India on their sh*t list, for stopping the barbaric practice of killing unborn girls.

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