The Pentagon’s 9/11 Chapel

MSM? Hello? Anyone? (from DefenseLink)

At the exact site of the most painful event in the Pentagon’s history — the Sept. 11, 2001, attack that claimed 184 lives here — a couple brought together through the tragedy recently became the first to exchange wedding vows in the Pentagon Memorial Chapel.

“It’s like the phoenix rising from the ashes,” said Army Lt. Col. Nora Faust after her Aug. 3 wedding to Heinz Linderman in the chapel that memorializes victims of the attack. “It really meant a lot to us to celebrate something so positive that came from something so terrible.”

Faust, a reservist based in New Jersey was called to duty at the Pentagon shortly after Sept. 11. There, she met Linderman, a civilian computer technician in the Pentagon flight medicine clinic, an office that was deeply involved in the Sept. 11 events, with many members acting as first responders.

Strange that I never read that in the regular news. I guess they were too busy showing their support for Hezbollah.

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