Katrina 1/5 Insensitivity

Today is the one year anniversary of Katrina. Now, perhaps many may find this insensitive, and take me to task, but, I think the media and the lefties, often one and the same, are over doing the issue. And, we know why. PPP. Petty partisan politics. Blame Bush. BDS.

The media never made a huge issue out of the 1 year anniversaries of Andrew, Hugo, Fran, Floyd, Ophelia, Opal, etc. Matter of fact, they never made all that big deal out of another 1 year anniversary. More on that later.

Katrina was a tragedy, do not misunderstand me. But, Katrina was a force of nature. It happens. And, it should be remembered. It should be remembered as a tough time, but one that Americans, with their "Can Do!" attitude, will overcome, much like after Andrew, Hugo, Floyd, the Galveston Hurricane, the Johnston Flood, the midwest floods of 1993, the great earthquakes in the mid 1800's in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The media and lefties will not allow that, though. Because the tragedy of the politics and political agenda trumped the triumph of the Human Spirit to Endure in their minds. We witnessed the distortions, the blame, the outright lies. We witnessed Democrats using a natural catastrophe for PPP. We witnessed the media telling us about the tens of thousands that would die, about the rapes and murders in the Superdome, about Blacks turning canibal, and BushCo blowing up levee's. All lies. We witnessed Democrats blaming Bush and his admin soley for what happened in one small part of the devastated area, while forgetting about the great work done in Mississippi and the other affected states. It was not the admin's fault, nor Bush's, for many things that happened, which I will not bring back up on this anniversary day.

What bothers me about this reaction, perhaps over reaction, by the media and the left, is that they really do not care about the people of New Orleans or the 1 year anniversary, except that it is a political tool to bash Bush. Will they bash Democrats Nagin or Blanco? I have yet to see it.

In some fairness, we also have to take into account the 24 hour news cycle.

But, will they still be harping on this subject in a little less then two weeks from now? Will they remember, or care, about a 5th anniversary? Will it be used for PPP, or ignored as much as possible by the Left? Because I have not seen a whole lot in the media about the upcoming 5 year anniversary of this


Nary a word from the Left, the Democratic party, or the Leftist media about 9/11. They have been telling us about Katrina's 1 year for over a week now. But nothing about 9/11, a pivitol event in the history of the USA. Natural disasters will come and go. Unnatural ones, attacks against our country by other people, will be few an far between. Almost 3,000 of our friends and neighbors died that day. Half the police force in NYC did not disappear, or loot WalMart. Let's not forget that alot of N.O. police did do their jobs. They just weren't credited much by the media.

If they do give us anything, it will be about blame of the USA, about conspiracy theories, and about those poor people in G'tmo. They will tell us how our freedoms have been taken away by Booooossssh! without giving us one example. They will highlight the terrorist surveillence program, known to them as domestic spying. And so on.

But they will ignore the tragedy of 9/11/2001, and those who died.

Understand, I am not faulting people for remembering Katrina. I am faulting certain people for taking advantage of Katrina for simple PPP. Shame on them.

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4 Responses to “Katrina 1/5 Insensitivity”

  1. Yes I agree with you, people definitely overvalue the political failures in the Katrina issue and forget about the people who still need help.
    I think united help actions would be much more appropriate as reaction.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me !

  2. Exactly. Helping our fellow Americans would be a better use of time then whining and complaining, and assigning blame.

  3. benning says:

    I’m fed up with the Katrina Waltz the MSM has been orchestrating. Enough already! Good Lord! We still have folks here in Florida who are whining about not getting enough help after being put up in FEMA trailers two years ago! The Katrina Waltz will continue for a generation.

    Get up off your duffs and move! Sheesh!

  4. beth says:

    Me too! I’m sick of Katrina. Sick of it. There was horrible devastation in Florida the year before when 3 hurricanes hit in rapid succession – ppl lost everything, lived without power for months on end and it was a story a couple of days and then never again.

    There’s plenty of human suffering to go around. The ppl complaining the most are doing the least to get back on their feet.

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