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Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. Now, that Bush feller sure ain’t white trash, but, I figger’d I needed to yap about his speech last night. I understand them leftazoids played some game where yu drink every time Pres Bush messed up a word. How sad. ‘Course, what it comes down to is that GWB is still the Prez, and Kerry ain’t. How about them apples?

But, I digress. There were some great lines from the speech, but I would like to highlight this section:

We see the nature of the enemy in terrorists who behead civilian hostages and broadcast their atrocities for the world to see.

These are savage acts of violence, but they have not brought the terrorists any closer to achieving their strategic objectives.

The terrorists, both foreign and Iraqi, failed to stop the transfer of sovereignty. They failed to break our coalition and force a mass withdrawal by our allies.

They failed to incite an Iraqi civil war. They failed to prevent free elections. They failed to stop the formation of a democratic Iraqi government that represents all of Iraq’s diverse population. And they failed to stop Iraqis from signing up in large number with the police forces and the army to defend their new democracy.

The lesson of this experience is clear: The terrorists can kill the innocent, but they cannot stop the advance of freedom.

This is the way of the terrorist. Kill the innocent. Create terror to force people to do their will. And that is the trap that the Left falls into. With their negative, harsh, and anti-American rhetoric, they are doing exactly what the terrorists want them to do. So show some support for the mission.

Others doing the White Trash Wednesday:

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