Bolton On The French


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All credit goes to An American Housewife. Great Job!

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11 Responses to “Bolton On The French”

  1. Housewife says:

    I am a chicken for being afraid to post it over at my site! LOLOLOL

  2. Kinda Makes You Go HMMMM

    Just sayin’ is all. Now rant on if you must. I just know I’ll get some crap for doing this entry. Whatever. Well, just to be fair; I could use a little plastic surgery myself. Actually, I do kind of…

  3. Housewife says:

    Hey Pirate, me again. I deleted that “Kinda Makes You Go Hmmmm” entry. Sorry about that. I chickened out …. yet again! LOL

  4. Never got a chance to see it 🙁

    That’s ok, I will post almost anything. And have, considering what I have done to Hillary, Boxer, Pelosi, Dean, the Koran……

  5. Jay says:

    Too funny!

  6. Moe says:

    That’s hilarious! Kudos to AAH!

  7. Glen Dean says:

    That is funny as hell, but its also accurate and its one of the many reasons why we need Bolton as ambassador to that collection of third world dicatatorships called the UN.

  8. moehawk says:

    yes, Teach, very funny. kudos to An American Housewife!

    OT…i finally answered your damn meme. you can find it here:


  9. moehawk says:

    btw…i like the new banner!

    how long has that been up? i’m not the most observant guy on the planet, after all…:)

  10. Preciate, moehawk. I put it up last night. Finally got the new Microsoft Digital Imaging software, been playing with it, thought I would do something different.

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