thongBlog Wars!

For those who do not know and aren’t wearing thongs, there is a Blog War going on between Basil’s Blog and Sortapundit, but neither of them are discussing thongs. The purpose of which is to see who gets the best Google ranking over certain terms. IMAO has the details, yet no thongs included, either. I still have not decided which to go with, kinda acting like thongs, staying in the middle. I do have both thongs worthy gents on my blogrolls, Basil on my Pirate’s Cove thongs roll, and Sortapundit on my American Flag League thongs roll.

The great Sith Lord Shackleford has taken an interest, swearing his allegiance to Basil/Sortapundit. He almost has the concept of thongs down pat with Jessica Alba Stripping. Still, no thongs for Jessica.

American Warmonger promised that if he lost the King of The Blogs as he was going for a three-peat, he would appear in thongs. Fortuitously, he won, so no Jeremy wearing thongs. However, you can buy American Warmonger thongs here.

Of course, it looks like Ogre’s wear leather thongs. And Daisy Cutter and SteveL could be wearing red, white, and blue thongs.

I am not going to speculate on whether some of our women bloggers, such as Cao, Little Miss Attila, Cass from Villainous Company, or Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy wear thongs. That would be very improper of me to speculate on thongs, plus, they could probably hurt me if I did speculate on thongs.

If I have left any other of my favorite bloggers out from speculation on whether or not they wear thongs, don’t worry, I will be getting to you over time. Or, you can send me a copy of you in your thongs. 🙂

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10 Responses to “thongBlog Wars!”

  1. JulieB says:

    Gosh i wish i had photoshop…. i’m sure i could create something acceptable to send…
    I’ll just note here that my preference is for purple, lavendar, and silver satin thongs. No hot pink, no bright orange.
    So uh, you’re going for the King of the thong Google award?
    oh….. thats a little close to King Kong… oh bad…
    I’m leaving now.

  2. I kinda like that one too 🙂

    Going for #1 in google rankings for thongs. It was something evil to work for on a Saturday afternoon.

  3. basil's blog says:

    The War With Sortpundit: Update 3/19/2005

    The war against that crumpet muncher, Sortpundit, is progressing. The Bad Guys have made some progress in their attempt to surpass this little blog in the search engine rankings of certain phrases. We cannot express how excited and proud we

  4. basil says:

    Just so you know: Sortapundit wears a thong. A French thong. Not a Jean Lafitte thong, but one decorated with the Fleur-de-Lis. And it’s pink. And needs washing.

  5. moehawk says:

    eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww! TMI!
    now i know why were fighting…boxers or briefs for a male blogger, none of that sissy underwear!

  6. Ogre says:

    I’m pretty sure pirates don’t wear thongs. I could be wrong, and I hope to not be provided photographical evidence that I’m wrong.

  7. I promise: no photos of me or any male pirates wearing thongs. Ever.

  8. JulieB says:

    Basil? Um, how do you know, that that’s what his thong looks like? And that it needs washing? You’re standing pretty close to ‘im? were you?

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