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Ahoy, maties. I would like to introduce ye to the best spyware killer program yet. The Spyware Doctor. I made the serious mistake of downloading Grokster, which contains an enormous amount of spyware and malware, and I could not get rid of it using Adaware or MacAfee. So, I tried a few different programs, and Spyware Doctor is the bomb. The big cheese. The head honcho. It fragged stuff that I had no idea was there.

I highly recommend that everyone gets this program. It is free, and kicks azz and takes names. CNET gives it 5/5 stars.

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4 Responses to “Best Spyware Killer”

  1. Melinama says:

    Hi Pirate,

    On your recommendation I downloaded this program and it did find a bunch of stuff, but it said in order for it to get rid of the stuff, I had to pay. Am I missing something?

  2. Strange. It let me do a scan and removal, plus some other stuff. Tap scan, then choose full or quick. SHould let you do it. Some extras you do have to pay for, but the basics should work.

  3. pete says:

    I installed PCLinuxOS and have had no more problem with spyware,malware,or virus. Happy surfing.

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