Illegal Immigrants Fight Bill (wtf?)

I’m simply amazed by this piece from the Raleigh News and Disturber Observer (reg req’d):

The debate is likely to continue for months. But this week, dozens of Hispanic leaders and residents from North Carolina traveled to the nation’s capital, where they hope to persuade senators in meetings scheduled today to oppose legislation that would deny licenses to illegal immigrants.

The bill, dubbed the "Real ID Act," could be voted on by the Senate next month. The House approved it in February.

"If something like Real ID passed, it would be devastating for many in our community," said Andrea Bazan Manson, director of the Raleigh-based Hispanic advocacy group El Pueblo, which organized the lobbying effort.

You’re sh*tting me, right? What right do people who are not only not citizens of the United States, but are here illegally, to drivers licenses? If you want to come to my country legally, and show proof of insurance, I have no problem with you getting a drivers license. If you snuck in, you shouldn’t even be allowed any sort of ID. Period. Screw ’em. They have NO RIGHTS, other then to deport them back to where they came from. I could really care less if they have roots in the community, family here, whatever. Come in legally and we’ll talk. Otherwise, see ya! You have zero Right to representation, and it is absurd that there is a lobbying group for this.

The INS estimates that there are approximately 200,000 illegal immigrants living in North Carolina. They should not be given drivers licenses nor State ID’s.

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8 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants Fight Bill (wtf?)”

  1. Family values……

    Most common sense message that apply to my life have not been liberal nor conservative messages, they have been words from everyday people. These words have not been from politicians, they have not been from talking heads like Limbaugh or Franken.

  2. Maggie says:

    ILLEGAL…not legal

    Not legal….criminal

    Criminal….ought to be in jail

    I know I’m a blond…..but could y’all explain what I
    seem to be missing here?

  3. Pile On® says:

    Lobbying for illegals. Would that be aiding and abetting?

  4. The amazing part is that lobbying for the rights of illegals is, well, legal. Even with politics, gotta say, WTF?

  5. Jay says:

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    Starting this Friday night, and every Friday night from 8 p.m. EST till whenever! All liberal obstructionist will be kicked out.

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  6. Ogre says:

    Well, I’ll give that they have human rights, even as criminals. However, a driver’s license is not a right. You do not have the right to drive on a road that I paid for and you did not.

    I would love to be the target of these lobbyists — I would continually ask them questions like:

    “So, you’re representing whom?”

    “How many voters do you represent?”

    “How is this going to help my constituents again?”

    “Can I see your green card?”

    “How many people do you represent that are NOT criminals?”

  7. Licenses For Illegal Aliens

    I don’t understand how anyone can believe that we should permit the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Pirate’s Cove reports on a protest over North Carolina’s move to ensure that only those who are here legally can obtain licenses. Tho…

  8. Bubblehead says:

    Only thing they should be issued is a 1-way bus ticket home.

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